16th Annual North Texas Regional Water Conservation Symposium

November 17, 2022

Sponsored by: City of Dallas, North Texas Municipal Water District, Tarrant Regional Water District, and Upper Trinity Regional Water District

Speaker Presentations

Amy Hays, Assistant Director of Development and Outreach at the Oka’ Institute at East Central University

“Four Key Principles for Working Effectively in Outreach and Programming”

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Peter Mayer, professional engineer and founder of Water DM – Water Demand Management

“Where Do We Go From Here? – Water Conservation and Demand Management for the Next Decade”

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Matt Wittern, Raftelis – Local Government and Utility Management Consulting

“Designing Water Conservation Communications Campaigns That Aren’t All Wet ”

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Todd Votteler, Ph.D., President of Collaborative Water Resolution LLC and Editor-in-Chief of the Texas Water Journal and Texas+Water

“Texas Water: A Review and Outlook”

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Christopher Charles, Conservation Program Coordinator, Austin Water

“Stacked Incentives: Co-Funding Outdoor Water Conservation Programs”

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Water Conservation for Growing Utilities Panel

Ginny Rivers, General Manager, Gastonia Scurry Special Utility District

“Gastonia Scurry Special Utility District”

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Brandon Doughty, Public Works Superintendent, Town of Northlake

“Water Conservation Steps”

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Kathy Moore, Senior Administrative Assistant, City of Crowley, Texas

“Conservation in Crowley”

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Shae Luther, Water Education Specialist, Texas Water Development Board

“Texas Water Development Board Small Utility Programs”

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