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What Teachers Say

We have absolutely appreciated and loved working with TRWD on our garden project.
It has been an ongoing adventure that continues to provide an
outstanding hands-on learning area.
2nd Grade Teacher
Liberty Elementary, Colleyville, Keller ISD
We learned about the process of cleaning the water and the kids had a blast. It was timed perfectly and had a lot of engagement.
Recreation Program Coordinator
City of Arlington Parks and Recreation
Thanks again for an amazing lesson and day!
The kids are still talking about how much they enjoyed your lesson!
2nd Grade Teacher
Tarver-Rendon Elementary, Mansfield
What we liked most was the various activities for students. Students enjoyed moving from place to place and were engaged with every activity.
Classroom Teacher
West Handley Elementary, Fort Worth
The students were surprised to learn where the water at home comes from and the importance of conservation.
Classroom Teacher
Oakhurst Elementary, Fort Worth
Your lesson was awesome! I really enjoyed that students were able to use the water testing equipment. I'll share the information about the stream team with students.
Thank you so much.
Science Instructor
I.M. Terrell Academy for STEM & VPA, Fort Worth
They loved the frogs. Wonderful presentation for our students.
West Handly Elementary, Fort Worth
What the students liked most was planting the seeds but the smashing art was great.
The lesson aligned with our TEKS very well.
2nd grade Teacher
Keller-Harvel Elementary, Keller
We loved the program and those who taught it! The kids were extremely engaged and gained an awesome experience.
Nature Educator
Oliver Nature Park, Mansfield
They loved learning about the amount of water we use and all of the different flowers. They had fun helping to maintain the garden. Keep up the outstanding work!
Recreation Facility Manager
City of Arlington Parks and Recreation
Children were very engaged throughout the presentation. They loved the obstacle course. Great presentation and wonderful staff! Kids had a blast!
Community Center Aide
Handley Meadowbrook Community Center, Fort Worth
Thank you so much again for leading our lesson on Thursday! You did SUCH a wonderful job and I could tell the kids loved it!
Science and Environmental Chair, PTA
Glenhope Elementary School, Colleyville