Water Conservation Grant Program

We believe in the importance of water conservation and using sustainable gardening practices. We also know the power of outdoor spaces to enhance lives, create community, and teach about the value of nature.

What is the Conservation Treasures Program?

This program seeks to promote environmentally responsible landscape features that inspire our community to appreciate and conserve water.

Conservation Treasures assists in the creation and development of outdoor spaces that encourage public interest in water conservation, sustainable landscaping practices and local native, drought tolerant plants.

What projects can receive support?

Community gardens and outdoor features demonstrating water conservation strategies. Projects are not limited to, but must include at least one of the following:

  • Ornamental landscaping or a pollinator garden featuring drought-tolerant Texas native plants
  • Pocket prairie or wildflower patch featuring local native grasses and wildflowers
  • Woodland grove or tree trail featuring local native shade trees
  • Rain catchment garden featuring native plants that hold rainwater runoff
  • Rain barrel or cistern for rainwater harvesting
  • Water-themed educational mural
Who is Eligible?

Features and applicant organization must be within the Tarrant Regional Water District service area (primarily Tarrant County). Applicants must be non-profit and the supported feature(s) must be free and open to the public. Eligible organizations include but are not necessarily limited to:

  • Tarrant County municipalities (public buildings, libraries, community centers, parks, etc.)
  • Public and private schools
  • Non-profit community and school-based organizations
  • Child-care facilities
  • Youth activity centers
  • Colleges and universities
What Type of Assistance Is Offered?

The Save Tarrant Water Conservation Treasures program provides funding ranging from $500 to $5,000, educational signage, hands-on training, and technical assistance to help cities, schools, youth centers, and non-profit community organizations create lasting outdoor learning resources that inspire our community to appreciate and conserve water.

We customize our support to match our partners’ needs. We can collaborate in designing and building new outdoor resources, providing training and step-by-step technical guidance or we can simply provide funding and signage for partners with existing gardens and expertise.



  • The project must clearly promote water-conservation and sustainable resource use.
  • The grant may be used for new or existing outdoor spaces.
  • The public must be able to easily and safely access the project site.
  • Applicants must be involved in the project and participate in designing, building, installing and/or caring for the outdoor learning resource.
  • Applicants must commit to the ongoing operation and maintenance of their resource and submit a 3-year maintenance plan that specifies responsible parties and funding sources.
  • School applicants must commit to using the outdoor resource to actively engage students in learning to appreciate and conserve water and submit a 2-year learning plan.
  • Tarrant Regional Water District (TRWD) must be allowed to install educational signage with the TRWD logo at the project site, publicize and promote the project, and host events at the project site with consent of the grantee.
  • The organization must recognize TRWD as the project funder and mention SaveTarrantWater.com in promotions, publications, and outreach associated with the project.
  • TRWD allowed access to visit and inspect the project site periodically to ensure that grant guidelines are being met.
  • Awarded funds must be used solely for approved expenditures. At TRWD’s discretion, these may include hardscape materials, gardening tools, equipment, and supplies needed to support use and maintenance of the project features. Grantees may not use funds for salaries, general overhead, food, or events.
  • All outdoor features and spaces must comply with existing city code.

Ready to Apply?

If your project meets the guidelines above, submit an online application to request funding.

Successful applicants include as much detail as possible in their applications and garden plans. This information helps us determine the organization’s purpose and vision for the garden.

Now accepting applications for Fall 2024 projects.

Questions? Submit a request here and we will contact you.