It is HOT out there but your lawn is tougher than you think! Check out these resources to help you manage the water portion of your utility bill this summer.

Live Online Class Series


Turf Tips

July 18 – 6PM
Learn how to have a green lawn and save water!

DIY Drip Irrigation

July 25 – 6PM
Learn how to convert to drip irrigation! Sponsored by Water is Awesome.


Be Smarter Than Your Smart Controller

August 10 – 6PM
Learn how to get the most out of your smart sprinkler controller!

Home Sprinkler Basics

August 22 – 6PM
Learn the basics of your home sprinkler system! Sponsored by Water is Awesome.


DIY Sprinkler Repair

September 12 – 6PM
Learn how to make common repairs on your sprinkler system!

Texas Yard Makeover

September 19 – 6PM
Learn how to transform your North Texas home landscape! Sponsored by Water is Awesome.

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Watch recordings of previous classes on ways to save water in your landscape on the Save Tarrant Water YouTube page.

Rainwater Harvesting Basics

Tough Texas Plants

Smart Home Landscape Design


Think your sprinkler system may be wasting water? Sign up for a free home sprinkler evaluation performed by a licensed irrigator to see just how much water you can save.

Check out more outdoor and indoor water-saving tips and the sustainability blog. For future events, bookmark the event calendar and be sure to sign up for the Monthly Drop newsletter to stay updated.