14th Annual North Texas Regional Water Conservation Symposium

November 2020: A Virtual Experience

Sponsored by: City of Dallas, North Texas Municipal Water District, Tarrant Regional Water District, and Upper Trinity Regional Water District

Tuesday, November 10

Craig Cummings, Director, Arlington Water Utilities

“Water – So Simple, Yet So Complex – Thoughts of a 40-year Journey on a Water Ride.”


Carl Lepper, Director of Utilities Intelligence, J.D. Power

“Understanding the Needs of Water Utility Customers to Drive Overall Satisfaction”

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Sean J. Upshaw, PhD, Assistant Professor of Visual Information and Persuasion in Health Communication, The University of Texas at Austin

“I.P.S. and Water Conservation: A Social Marketing Approach for Public Engagement”

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Wednesday, November 11

Tia Lebherz, Executive Director, California Water Efficiency Partnership

“California Makes Water Conservation a Way of Life”

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Melinda Knuth, PhD, Post-Doctoral Researcher, University of Florida

“Water Conservation Messaging in the Horticulture Industry: Communicating Through the Supply Chain”

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Tamara Lawless, PhD, Water Conservation Manager, City of Flagstaff, AZ

“Flagstaff’s Water Conservation Program – Saving Water in the Mountains of Arizona”

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Thursday, November 12

Jennifer Walker, Deputy Director of the Texas Coast & Water Program, National Wildlife Federation

“North Texas Focuses on the Lawn – A report from the North Texas Outdoor Watering Summit”

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Kevin Kluge, Director of Conservation and Innovative Water Technologies, Texas Water Development Board

“TWDB Conservation 2020 Unmasked”

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Hugh Sinclair, Section Manager of Asset Management, WSSC Water

“Water / People / Service”


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